Due to a very large number of artists showing in Ort Cafe this page is no longer updated but catalogues who showed on the cafe walls in 2011 and 2012. If you would like to show your art work in the cafe please email Please be aware that there is a 1 year waiting list on average.

From the 28th November until the 11th December 2012 Elizabeth Lenore shows her newest art work at Ort. Her work is made of embroidery and fabric work. Find out more about it here

Sarah Bagnall‘s exhibition was on show from the 14th until the 27th November 2012. Her drawings, collages and multi-media works showed patterns repetitive shapes. See all her work here

Glen Tucker‘s Manga-style paintings and drawing were on show from the 1st until the 13th November 2012. His work attracted a lot of attention.

Chris Murtagh‘s exhitbition was on show from the 17th until the 30th October 2012. His painting are depictions of Birmingham and all his paintings were made this year. Find his work here

Prue Evans’ exhibition was on show at Ort from the 3rd until the 16th October 2012. Prue’s show was a collaboration with some of her friends. Some of Prue’s work can be found here

From the 19th September until the 2nd October 2012 the walls in Ort cafe saw a bit of a different kind of exhibition. This time it was a documentation exhibition of the Bodies… in motion project that was held at Ort over 8 weeks this summer inviting women with disabilities to meet and create art works in response to the theme of disability and sexuality. the project was kindly funded by Ort patrons. A review of the project by Tamar Whyte can be read here

Ellie Gibbons is showing her photographic work on the Ort Cafe walls from the 5th September 2012 until the 18th September. She calls it a retrospective of her work over the past 7 years including some of her personal favourites and other treasures. Find out more about Ellie’s work here

Stan Newton returns to the Ort cafe walls from the 22nd August until the 4th September 2012, with his second photographic exhibition. This time only with portraits, inlcuding some familiar faces. Find out more here

Sheba Saeed a PhD student at the University of Birmingham showed her documentary film ‘Beggars of Lahore’ during her exhibition opening on the 25th July 2012. Her exhibition shows a large amount of film stills from the documentary and is on view until the 7th August 2012. Find out more about Sheba’s work here

Richard Short shows his photographic work at Ort from the 11th July until the 24th July 2012. Pictures taken during various travels to the US and around the UK as well as Poland are shown together and create a homogenous map of the world. Find out more about Richard’s work here

Elizabeth Lenore is showing her art work at Ort from 28th June until 10th July 2012. She created the time consuming pieces at home working her way through personal hardship. The pieces are made of fabric, plastic bags and found objects. She broke all Ort records by selling three pieces at the opening. Find out more about here work here

Spanish born Birmingham based artist Garcia Morales is show his work at Ort from the 13th June until 27th June 2012. He has a keen eye for people outcast from society, living amongst the noise and hustle of the city but remaining on the outside. He himself become one of them by picking them out and following them around for days, finding out about their repetitive routines, where they live and who they are. His photography captures this process. Find out more here:

Greek born London based artist Olympia Polymeni is showing her work at Ort from the 30th May until the 12th June 2012. Her art work deals with issues of femininity and feminism and uses Greek traditions and myths as starting points for her enquiry. Olympia’s Opening was followed by live music by a local String Quartet. Find out more here:

Alex Botten showed a variety of media during his solo show including an interactive piece that asked viewers to erase his work. Alex also played during the night with special guests, find out more about his art and music here:

Pedro Pires showed his Solo Exhibition entitled ‘Measure’ at Ort from the 5th of May 2012. He created mechanisms that were shown next to the photographs and drew the audience in to explore his work in a new way. Find out more about Pedro’s work here:

Josephine Reichert, one of Ort’s Co-Founders, is the last artist in the Reichert Family Group Show to show her work in a Solo Exhibition. Josephine’s work is an exploration of the mad, the ill and the altered. During an eye test she was made aware of her fovea, not usually visible as the brain screens this information out. This lead to an exploration into the visible and the invisible. Her show runs form the 18th April until the 4th May. Find out more here:

Teresa Reichert is the second artist of the Reichert Family Group Show showing her work in a Solo Exhibition at Ort. Teresa’s work deals with issues of belonging, place and displacement. She uses the homely setting at Ort to her advantage with a TV on a coffee table and a small DVD player screening animations. Teresa’s show runs from the 4th April until the 17th April 2012. Find out more at:

Bernd Reichert‘s Solo Show is the first of a Family Group Show, shown in three Solo Shows. Bernd really took on the challenge of not becoming background artwork, by making a custom made Collage that covers an entire wall at Ort. His collages depict newspaper clippings about catastrophes from different decades. On show from the 21st March until the 3rd April 2012.

Toby Montgomery‘s Solo Show is on from the 8th March until the 20th. His photographs are highly distorted depictions of nature mainly shot on a mobile phone camera.  The contrasts between nature and technology are strong yet the beauty of the images question this contrast even further.

Rob J. O. Elmer is another born-and-bread Brummie Artist and he showed his photographic work at Ort. 22. February until 6. March. His work has a stylistic language of it’s own kind. Find out more here:

Nick Davis showed his photographs at Ort from the 10th February until the 21st. Find out more here:

Matthew de Kersaint Giraudeau is showing at Ort. from the 25th January until the 5th February. He is showing drawings, posters and collages and is making coffee drinkers laugh with his captions. Find out more about his brilliant work here:

Stan Newton is the fourth artist to show at Ort. Stan is the first artist to attempt to use our fourth wall that consists of mainly windows. His first opening was highlighted by an impromptu blues gig. Find out more here:

Joana Roberto‘s Solo Exhibition is the first exhibition at Ort with a projection. It works surprisingly well to have moving image in the cafe and guests respond a lot to it. Joana’s work questions the way we understand signification. Joana’s work is on show at Ort from the 13th December 2011 until the 3rd January 2012. For contact and more info visit:

Kate Janes‘s Solo Exhibition started off with a Performance including the Macerena and her drawings and collages made a lot of people laugh in the cafe. Her work was on show from the 3.12.11 until the 12.12.11. Find her at:

Kirsten Linning is the first artist to show her work at Ort from the 11.11.11 until the 01.12.11. Here are a few snaps from her show. For contact and more information visit:

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