This July, I’m heading out on a headline tour to promote my debut album. On 20th July, I’ll be playing Ort Cafe in Birmingham. Here is why it’s important and why’s it’s going to be fun:

1. It’s my first headline tour for two years (and it’s bigger)
2. It’s promoting my first album.
3. Candle Thieves are supporting
4. Dave Giles is supporting
5. Birmingham is always a lovely gig for me on tours. Played some great gigs with some great acts there.
6. It’s a Cafe….that’s awesome.
7. You seriously need more reasons?

Getting your tickets quickly is advised because some dates are already close to selling out. With 4 months to go.

If you can’t make it, that’s fine. You’re forgiven, we can still be friends. But these gigs are very important to me and my career (busy shows attract attention to my music, which is what I need)

This gig is 16+