Birmingham-bred ROOKS (aka Jenny Bulcraig) has spent seven years honing her craft and consolidating her experience into this virtuoso one-woman show.

In the wake of her previous band, JennyWentAway, ROOKS then initiated this solo project and in a short space of time has already pulled together an eclectic new indie show. ROOKS is already proving popular in Birmingham and London venues, having opened for the likes of Stealing Sheep and She Makes War.

ROOK debut 2016 EP, packed with her signature innovation, is now available online and in a few select independent record stores, including Swordfish, Polar Bear and Ignite Records. Recording for her next much anticipated EP is now underway.


Sound bytes:
“… Urgent, bubbling alt-pop… almost hymnal vocals. We’ll be hearing much more of her, mark my words.” – Mike Davies,

“Technically excellent… very distinctive sound… absolutely breathtaking.” – Geoffrey Head, The Slap, September 2016.

“A big voice and a nice attitude” – The Gig Slut, UK

“AMAZING” – Chains, UK

“Adore” – Bearwood Promotors

“See her live if you can!” – Crossing the Trax, UK

“Gorgeous vocal and production” – Laura Kidd (She Makes War)

Twitter/ Instagram Handle: @rooksrooksrooks
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Title photo credit – Amy Sigalov

O Memorie


O Memorie is a concept-project sheltered by Joseph Ruddleston. It merges lo-fi, folk and ambient sounds to tell songstories

for those midnight listeners
and those diary readers
and those bedside phonecalls
and those quiet commutes
and those tired-eyed, fried minds that fill the waking world
and such

“It’s like you randomly dialled a number at 2AM and started pouring your thoughts to the first person that picks up.”

New album, O Memorie, out now:

Eve Singleton


Eve Singleton is a 17 year-old singer songwriter from Warwickshire with more of her own songs than some manage to write in a lifetime.

Her live performances are characterised by an accomplished and creative acoustic guitar style, and a powerful, captivating voice that just gets better.


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